Our Values

building kindness and bright minds with love and laughter

We promise to uphold these values:

  • Community – To support the needs of child and family with emphasis on shared values.
  • Inspiration – To identify and expand each child’s potential.
  • Inclusion – To include and encourage all children that can be supported by our facility and staff.
  • Integrity – To operate our programs with integrity to the benefit of our families and community. 

Approach to Learning

We provide an educational, play-based, curriculum to inspire our young minds. We nurture curiosity with hands-on experiences and guided inquiry, combining our own themes and interest areas with the principles of intentional learning – a goal-oriented, purposeful teaching approach that helps your child become a lifelong learner.

Stimulating enrichment activities are offered throughout the child’s week. Every aspect is carefully developed to appeal to children while challenging their minds and capturing their imaginations. 

Emphasis on Community

Our program is rooted in a strong emphasis on community building and shared values that are integrated every day, in every program. During our early morning activity, Together Time, all children gather, greet one another and share inclusive thoughts about love, laughter, and kindness. Additionally, we engage local community venues such as The Delaware Museum of Art, The Delaware School of Music, Le Petit Yogi, and others to enrich our bright minds